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Urban Planning ▌ Open Space Mobility ▌ Energy


Planning and Development







Integrated City Development means Climate Protection









Cities and Technologies for People

Fields of work



Vision for cities

City residents as the climate heroes of the future by means of - international competitions;

- impulse for new networking systems for city and urban areas;

- active construction policies;

- location consultation;

- integrated recycling management



Appealing city areas

City areas with high-level architectural and ecological quality, resulting in

-   variety of usage: residential, local suppliers, variety of work places (new work – new culture),

-   empowered community concepts,

-   multimodal traffic hubs: Use and development of the existing city infrastructure


Smart mobility

-   multimodal mobility-management

-   green mobility (e-mobility)

-   media supported mobility services

-   personalised mobility advice

-   innovative public transport

-   MobilityXchange

-   inviting routes and alternatives for bike riders and pedestrians



Appealing open spaces

-   thermal mitigation in open spaces through the use of trees, green areas, communal gardens, city agriculture

-   rainwater management

-   dynamic open spaces (streets, squares etc. ) as everyday meeting points

-   attractive open spaces for young and old alike - gender and diversity

-   micro open spaces as small islands in everyday life


Monitoring and evaluation

- efficiency analysis of measures in the areas of city, energy, environment and mobility;

- suggestions for optimisation

- feedback regarding the learning process for all participants





-   support for cooperation of the different actors

-   initiation and supervision of know-how transfer

-   cooperation with successful initiatives in domestic and international projects

-   making use of existing networks and finding synergies

-   building up new innovative networks


Communication and process consulting

-   communication concepts for public relations

-   conveying relevant information to specific target groups

-   moderation of events

-   usage of Web 2.0

-   Social Media Marketing tool for cities of the future

-   creating a new innovation friendly community



TEAM/contact/further information

Martina Jauschneg

Markus Frewein

Martin Berger